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eCO2market is a Paris-based professional and independent data and analytics provider dedicated to carbon markets. The company was created in September 2009 by two former Finance & IT professionals with strong quantitative backgrounds. We bring transparency and traceability across the carbon value chain, by offering robust analytical capabilities and exhaustive content through our platform eCO2data. Our mission is to continuously elaborate cutting-edge features and translating them into a comprehensive view of the market. This way we hope to give an adequate and innovative response to paramount needs, while at the same time facilitating a broad understanding of an industry in transition.


“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” - Biz Stone (founder of twitter)

We are an open minded and international team, based in paris. We help reducing climate change by doing what we do best. We basically find problems… and try to fix them. We operate in a still small environment where any individual has the leverage to build meaningful relationships with like-minded peers, both in ambition and hard work and measured by small series of accomplishments with impact in the back of our minds.

François CAZOR, Co-founder & CEO linkedin logo

François Cazor co-founded eCO2market and is the CEO of the company. He imagined and designed eCO2data's core features and the data engine behind it. He has over a decade of experience in the business of trading systems and analytic tools, working as Senior Trader before moving on to the position of Associate Director for HSBC Global Markets’ Fixed Income department. François overviews global commercial operations and envisions the company’s strategy, focusing on opportunities that can affect the company’s direction. François holds a Master Degree in financial techniques from the ESSEC Business School and an engineer’s degree from ENSIIE (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise).

Jean MAYNIER, Co-founder & CTO linkedin logo

Jean Maynier founded together with François the company. To date, he holds the position of Executive Director and CTO. Jean’s strength in the field of IT architecture made him the reliable force behind eCO2data's core features and front-end. His previous work as System Architect at the National Bank of Canada and Caisse de Dépôt du Québec, and subsequential work as an independent advisor for systematical trading systems are at the basis of his leadership in operations and R&D. Jean holds a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence from Sherbrooke University, a M.Sc. in Financial Markets from UQAM and an engineer's degree from ENSIIE (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise).

Marius-Christian Frunza, Research linkedin logo

Marius-Christian Frunza is the Head of Research at eCO2market. Marius, a most respected analyst in the industry which made him a frequent speaker at international events, made contributions to the field of both optical engineering and carbon markets. His most-known publications in the niche of carbon markets discuss economic views on carbon allowances, with focus on derivative pricing and hedging. Marius’ work at eCO2market involves the development of quantitative models and the follow up on policy developments. He previously worked as Head of Structuration for SagaCarbon - CDC Climat and held several positions as independent consultant, mostly for his expertise in operational risk and financial modeling. Marius holds a PhD in applied mathematics at Université Paris I (dissertation: Modeling of Climat derivatives), a Master at école Polytechnique (Palaiseau), and a level II degree as Chartered Financial analyst.


eCO2market SAS is funded by private investors and maintains a strong relationship with the French public innovation community.

eCO2market enjoys support of several entities such as : the "Centre Francilien de l'innovation", OSEO and "Finance Innovation".

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